Video Run / Movement Analysis

Analyze Every Step

Through video analysis, we can slow down your movement and analyze every step. We identify key patterns that limit your speed, strength, power, or efficiency. Additionally, we can see what is potentially causing or contributing to injuries. Using the data gathered from the video, we can then create programs that will teach you how to excel at your sport.

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Video Movement/Sprint Analysis

We offer a movement analysis for sports that include motions such as sprinting, throwing, pitching, kicking, jumping, lateral movement, etc. Since athletes who play sports such as football, soccer, lacrosse, and basketball don't just run in a straight line, we can analyze run form along with movements specific to your sport. We use the data to determine how to enhance sport-specific athleticism (speed, strength, agility), and to identify muscle imbalances or asymmetries that may lead to injury.

Cost: $275

Video Run Analysis

Our Video Run (Gait) Analysis examines your running form to identify biomechanical issues that may be causing pain or limiting your performance. While running on a treadmill and/or the ZERO RUNNER, we analyze HOW you move, specifically looking for muscle imbalances or asymmetries in your form. We then create a plan to correct your run form to achieve maximum running efficiency and speed.

Cost: $275

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