Most often overlooked by busy athletes, proper recovery is vital to training and continued improvement; especially now that we are reaching the end of the season.  When recovery is balanced within a training program, higher training volumes and intensities are possible without the worry of over-training.

Having worked with Masters athletes for over 20 years, I have seen many ‘under-recovered’ athletes. Balancing physical and mental stress with a good recovery plan will keep you fresh and fast all season long.

  • Keep it LOW: it is common for many athletes to exercise too hard during periods of recovery. Keeping the intensity around 50% will help facilitate the process. Work too hard and you create more stress.
  • Focus on your nutrition.  What you eat has a huge effect on recovery time.
  • Sleep a minimum of 6 hrs a night – ideally 8 hrs when training loads are high.
  • Therapeutic Sports Massage – taking the time to have experienced hands to work through muscle tension can aid in your recovery.
  • Wear compression socks / tights.
  • Stretch and use that foam roller to allow for myofascial release.

The recovery process is very individualized. Purposeful Trial-and-Error is a great way to figure out what works best for YOU.