Arguably the best triathlete specific running clinic in the South Denver Metro Area. Coach Becky is very knowledgeable in the human physiology of running efficient. This class is formatted into 2 classes, a basic and advanced running class. The basic class starts off at the basic level of learning how to run efficient, and gives lots of time on body position, stretching and using exercise to stimulate your glutes, and lets you put it all together with a video, track speed workout, and a hill workout. Then the second level class teaches you running with efficiency with body position and leaning, on flats and hills, and applies what you learned in the basic running clinic to the advanced running clinic. She also goes over how to read your running watch in the categories of power, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, RPM and stride length and how they correlate to what kind of running you want to do. No other class does this. Not many classes do I go away just blown away on how much I learned, but in this class I learned a lot. I would recommend this as a must for any triathlete wanting to improve your running split times. The staff was also very professional and helpful when I needed something also. I would definitely consider taking this class again!!! Fast Lab provides a great environment for learning and for you to improve!!!

Trent Arguello

Step-Wise Running Program


Step-Wise Running Workshop was designed by our own Coach Becky Black, (MS, USAT LII,) to re-boot your technique in order to maximize efficiency and performance as well as to help decrease the risk of injuries. The program is perfect for road and trail runners and triathletes.

The name “Step-Wise” was given to indicate the clear need for learning in the proper sequence. Coach Becky believes many times when we attempt to correct our technique we actually make things worse because we implement only pieces of new knowledge into an old program. In order to truly improve technique, we must re-learn the entire program as a whole, step-by-step.

The Step-Wise Running Camp is broken down into 3 levels, each level building on the knowledge of the one before until the whole program has been learned. For convenience sake, each level will only run for two days, Saturday & Sunday, but duration will vary. The approximate times (durations) are listed below.

  • Level 1 – 7:30 – 10:00 am – $200
  • Level 2 – 7:30 – 11:00 am – $280
  • Level 3 – 7:30 – 10:30 am – $240

Learning Steps Breakdown:

Level 1 – Runners will learn how to build a solid foundation for good technique. They will focus on developing good posture while running, learning how to use their glutes and hip flexors effectively, and how to strengthen their core and hips.

Level 2 – In this camp runners will start to breakdown and re-build their technique from the ground up. They will learn the basics of push off and landing in order to maximize the use of the glutes and their efficiency. They will learn how to use stride length, cadence, power, and other metrics for guiding their form.

Level 3 – In this camp runners will focus on using their form to help them pace at different intensities, run up and down hills more efficiently, and for our triathletes, how to run off of the bike. This camp is all about racing and performance!

It is highly recommended that runners attend all three camps. For less serious runners, those not “racing” or putting in much volume, it is important to attend at least the first two levels. In the third level, the athlete will really learn how to use form to make them faster, not just more efficient or less prone to injury.

The schedule is limited with only a couple of chances to get in on this clinic. If you have questions or concerns, you can fill out the contact form below.


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