Speed & Agility

Youth Speed & Agility Training in Denver, CO

Wondering how to run faster? While most speed and agility programs are focused only on performing drills faster, at The FAST Lab, we believe in two fundamental principles:

1. You can’t move faster if you don’t know how to move.
2. You can’t run faster if you don’t know how to run.

The FAST Lab’s Certified Youth Speed and Agility Specialists have created programs to help young athletes of all ages and skill levels develop and master functional control of their bodies, improve their overall speed, and reduce their risk of injury. Simply put, with the right knowledge and training, yes, young athletes can learn to run faster!

From Assessment… to Training… to SPEED

We recommend starting with a sports performance assessment or a video run/movement analysis so we can build a customized training program for your athlete. Once we understand an athlete’s challenges, we then focus, not simply on running through drills faster, but on HOW TO perform sport-specific movements using the right muscles at the right time with the right form. THIS is what creates speed!

We’ve assessed and trained athletes of all ages in a wide variety of sports, including:

• Football
• Soccer
• Lacrosse
• Basketball
• Baseball
• Gymnastics
• Tennis
• Skiing
• Volleyball
• Triathlon
• Cycling
• Track and Field / Cross Country

Run Faster and Move Better with Our Speed & Agility Programs:

Sports Performance Analysis

Sports Performance Assessment

We offer a comprehensive evaluation of your entire body. Through assessing structural positioning, muscle and fascial mobility & flexibility, joint stability, and muscle activation patterning, we can accurately identify structural asymmetries, muscle imbalances, and compensatory movement patterns.

This assessment is followed by a detailed, individualized plan to address the findings and help you achieve maximum performance.

Physical Therapy

Video Run/Movement Analysis

Through video analysis, we can slow down your movement and analyze every step. We identify key patterns that limit your speed, strength, power, or efficiency. Additionally, we can see what is potentially causing or contributing to injuries.

Using the data gathered from the video, we can then create programs that will teach you how to excel at your sport.

Small Group Training

Individual / Small Group Training

The FAST Lab's certified Youth Speed & Agility Specialists will tailor a sport-specific training plan for individual athletes, or for a small group of athletes from any sports team.

Youth Speed & Agility Camps

Teams / Camps

Our certified Youth Speed & Agility Specialists will create sport-specific training programs or camps for any sport: football, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, volleyball, track and field, tennis, field hockey, and more.

Size limit is 8 athletes if training in our gym. If training offsite or outside (teams must provide the field or facility), we can accommodate teams of any size.

Our daughter learned so much in the Speed Strength class. After just 6 weeks at The FAST Lab, her soccer coach asked what she had been doing to improve her speed and agility. We told him she went to The FAST Lab, and then he asked the whole team to sign up for team speed & agility training there!

– Parent of Lindsey, 12-year-old soccer player

My son loved it. The coaches were friendly and encouraging. Plus he improved his times!

– Caius F. 

The camp was great. Just what was needed. Oliver found it invaluable and is going to keep working hard to get faster!! He asked to go to the track this morning to practice which is the first step to him achieving his Summer goals. Both Lee and Megan are great coaches. Oliver said the camp was a perfect mix of fun and hard work. Will definitely recommend.

– Parent of Oliver