S3 Computerized EMG

S3 Computerized EMG in Denver, CO

Symmetry, Synergy, & Sequencing


S3 stands for Symmetry, Synergy and Sequencing. It was developed by The FAST Lab co-founder, H. Lee Carman, to address injuries and performance- limiting dysfunctions that every athlete experiences. To reach full potential and achieve superior athletic performance, each athlete’s body must work in complete symmetry, synergy and sequencing.

Computerized Electromyography (EMG) is the only definitive tool proven to accurately assess symmetry, synergy and sequencing. We also utilize EMG in our Dynamic Functional Analysis, EMG Bike Fit, training programs and sports injury rehabilitation. At The FAST Lab, we have found that all athletes develop faulty movement patterns either by direct causes such as injury, or by indirect causes such as muscle imbalances, structural issues, fatigue or improper training techniques. Most athletes with dysfunctional movement patterns are completely unaware that they are no longer using their muscles properly. They may, however, notice that they are experiencing pain, increased injuries, prolonged muscle soreness, muscle fatigue and ultimately, performance limitations.

EMG assists with identifying problem muscles or muscle groups by measuring muscle activity. The athlete performs an activity or series of movements while the electrical activity of the muscle is transmitted through electrodes attached to key areas of the body. Increased muscle activity may be indicative of guarding or muscle over-activation. Decreased muscle activity may reveal muscle damage, weakness or muscle inhibition patterns.

EMG allows us to see how muscles or groups of muscles are functioning, providing invaluable feedback to the athlete. It also allows us to accurately determine specific stretching and muscle retraining programs and adapt the athlete’s training to eliminate these imbalances and dysfunctions.