The pursuit of running excellence is timeless, and as such, The Fast Lab seeks to help all athletes; regardless of age, ability, or goals, achieve their personal excellence.


Youth Run Form Programs
Good run form does not come “naturally” to most kids.
And bad run form leads to increased risk of injury as well as poor performance.
Coach Becky Black offers level 1 and 2 week long camps that will teach your child how to improve their running mechanics. These camps are offered during the summer months only. Camps meet 4 times a week for approximately 90-100 minutes per session. Youth cross country, triathlon, and mid to distance track runners are best suited to the course.
Class size is limited to 8 kids. Minimum age required is 12 years old. Kids are allowed 1 make up class per session.
For more info please e-mail Coach Becky at or find the schedule online here.
Adult Run Form Clinics

Coach Becky Black will teach you how to get more from your time in her Step-Wise Running Camps for adult runners and triathletes. Many athletes struggle to progress due to injuries and inefficiencies created by their poor running mechanics. In these weekend intensive camps, Coach Becky will provide you with a tool box of knowledge, skills, and exercises that will enhance your running form and help you get to the next level. Read more about them here.

Fore more information please e-mail Coach Becky at or you can find the schedule here.

1:1 Run Form Sessions

Are you struggling to progress in your running? Are you frequently injured? Do you find running more difficult than you think it should be?

Unfortunately, good running mechanics do not come naturally to most. However, fortunately for us, good mechanics can be taught and improved upon at any age or ability level. Meet with Coach Becky Black in this 6 session, private program that will analyze your individual needs and adapt the Better Run Form Program to your individual needs. In 6 progressive sessions you will learn what you need to improve and how to do it with plenty of opportunity to practice and absorb the information given to you.

For more information or to schedule your 1:1 sessions please contact Coach Becky at

Group Run Programs, Camps, & Regularly Scheduled Classes

Throughout the year Coach Becky Black offers a variety of running programs and groups in order to give athletes a place to train under the watchful eye of a coach. These programs and classes will vary greatly so please stay up to date by following us on Facebook as well as regularly checking the schedule for updates.


Hill that Susan frequently runs in training.

I took Coach Becky’s Run Clinic 1 and 2 series and came away with a lot of precise information that has already improved my run performance.  Coach Becky picked apart the nuances of my body mechanics and gave me feedback that I was able to apply and transform to instant improvement in my running performance and awareness.

Running uphill and downhill now feels so much more effortless after I focused on simple changes in my body and arm positions, stride and turnover.  Additionally, I signed up for track sessions with Coach Becky to continue my momentum towards performance improvement in time and effort levels.   If your goal is to be a better runner, I highly recommend Coach Becky’s run clinics – you’ll enjoy running a lot more when you understand how tiny body mechanics and positioning changes can transfer your running to a new level.

-Susan Y., Centennial



Arguably the best triathlete specific running clinic in the South Denver Metro Area. Coach Becky is very knowledgeable in the human physiology of running efficient. This class is formatted into 2 classes, a basic and advanced running class. The basic class starts off at the basic level of learning how to run efficient, and gives lots of time on body position, stretching and using exercise to stimulate your glutes, and lets you put it all together with a video, track speed workout, and a hill workout.

Then the second level class teaches you running with efficiency with body position and leaning, on flats and hills, and applies what you learned in the basic running clinic to the advanced running clinic. She also goes over how to read your running watch in the categories of power, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, RPM and stride length and how they correlate to what kind of running you want to do.

No other class does this. Not many classes do I go away just blown away on how much I learned, but in this class I learned a lot. I would recommend this as a must for any triathlete wanting to improve your running split times. The staff was also very professional and helpful when I needed something also. I would definitely consider taking this class again!!! Fast Lab provides a great environment for learning and for you to improve!!

-Trent A., Aurora