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Delivering the best physical therapy in Denver, the Fast Lab’s team is highly specialized in the assessment and treatment of orthopedic and sports-related problems, as well as chronic pain conditions.  Our physical therapy and sports therapy programs are different by design. We guarantee our treatments and care won’t be like anything you’ve experienced before. You are never just given a sheet of exercises and expected to “go do them.” With our full body approach, we look at each client individually and design a customized, hands-on program to get you back in action.

Physical Therapy / Sports Therapy Services

Our goal is to correct the problem, not just chase the symptoms. To accomplish this, we offer a variety of services to treat your pain and improve your sports performance, including:

• NeuroMyoFascial Dry Needling – A FAST Lab Exclusive
• NeuroMyoFascial Release Techniques
• Muscle Imbalance Correction / Corrective Exercise
• Muscle Synergy / Sequencing Correction
• FAST Release / FAST Activation Techniques
• Joint Mobilization / Manipulation
• Fascial Stretching
• MyoFascial Decompression (Cupping)
• Sports Gua Sha Treatment
• Kinesio-taping
• Pelvic Floor Evaluation & Rehabilitation

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Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Problem: All athletes experience injuries, muscle & myofascial imbalances, and dysfunctional movement caused by improper muscle recruitment.

Solution: Let's get to the point. Our exlusive NeuroMyoFascial Dry Needling is the ultimate first step to:

• Eliminate pain
• Heal injuries
Improve movement & function
• Accelerate your return to training and competition

Physical Therapy

Corrective Exercise

As an athlete, being out of balance is never good. Muscle imbalances are created even with the best exercise and training plans, causing:
• Pain
• Movement / flexibility restrictions
• Strength imbalances
• Performance limitations
• Increased risk of injury

Don't wait until the problems start. Let us assess and correct your imbalances to help you achieve your best performance!

Muscle Imbalance Correction

FAST Release / FAST Activation

Our Philosophy: Too Much + Not Enough = Problems

Muscles that are "on" too much (restrictions, tightness, potential injuries) result in opposite muscles being "off" too much (weakness, inefficiency, instability).

Muscles that are ON need FAST Release.

Muscles that are OFF need FAST Activation.

Basically... your muscles need US!

Physical Therapy

Pelvic Health

Up to 80% of female athletes suffer from some form of pelvic floor dysfunction, regardless of whether or not they have been pregnant or given birth. Similar to the strain placed on the pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy and childbirth, many sports such as running, jumping, and weightlifting significantly increase intraabdominal pressure. Like any other muscle, pelvic floor muscles are susceptible to fatigue, strain, and injury if not trained and cared for properly.

Physical Therapy

Massage Therapy / SportStretch

Massage therapy services will help you reduce inflammation, eliminate pain, and improve sports performance. We offer:

Deep Tissue
Myofascial Release

And many other forms of massage to integrate into your therapy and training plans.

Physical Therapy

Sports Gua Sha

Many professionals in the sports world now consider Gua Sha techniques to be "the new cupping." Gua Sha is an incredibly effective treatment to:

Relieve muscle tension
Break up scar tissue/adhesions
Boost blood circulation /nutrients (in with the good)
Open up lymphatic drainage (out with the bad)

And, come on...something that's been around for over 2,000 years must be effective, right?!

When I recommend Lee to my friends, I could tell them that he is the most knowledgeable physical therapist I have known. He is a problem solver who gets to the real source of my pain and works from there. This allows me to actually heal and progress. What I tell my friends instead is that I have gone to 6 physical therapists. Four of them were old used Volkswagens, one was a nice new Ford, and Lee is the Mazarati of PT...a rare combo of quality and performance.

– Carolyn B.

Lee Carman is an amazing physical therapist and pain solution guru. He has a gift that few professionals have – he understands the human body and chronic pain, and will help you manage or completely eradicate your pain. Lee is so wonderful that I gladly drive from Colorado Springs to Denver to see him!.

– Nancy S.

This season, I was able to obtain a new personal best at 10,000 meters by 42 seconds! I was also able to compete and run with some of the best distance runners in the world at the National Half Marathon championships. Looking ahead, I am 100% healthy and now am more educated about preventive measures.

– Charles H.

After working with Lee Carman and The FAST Lab team, I was able to train 30% less for my Ironman race because my body became more efficient! Lee taught me how to fire my glute muscles first, and use back muscles last. My chronic calf pain subsided and my body felt like a well-oiled machine. I crossed the Ironman Maryland finish line in record time of 10:53. Thank you to Lee and team. I could not have had the race I had without you!

– Kathy A.

Plain and simple, Lee saved my life. I suffered debilitating back pain and had seen 3 chiropractors, 2 physical therapists, tried several types of alternative treatments (massage, acupuncture, dry needling, the Egoscue Method). Even the neurologists, physiatrists, and anesthesiologists were unable to figure out where my pain was coming from. Lee took the time - and had the knowledge - to figure it out. I am now back at work, back at the gym, and am pain-free.

– Gail F.