Personal Training

Meet Our Personal Trainer, Candace McCormick

As a former college athlete who is still committed to her own personal fitness, Candace loves working with clients at all levels of fitness, from beginner to competitive athlete. She is passionate about educating her clients and supporting and motivating them to accomplish their goals. Whether your goals include weight loss, improved strength, or enhancing your training for specific sport or race, Candace’s programs are rooted in strength training, and will also include a combination of HIIT, cardio, and flexibility exercises to round out the mix.


Candace is Certified in Personal Training by the American College of Sports Medicine. She earned an Associates Degree in Exercise Health Science from Arapahoe Community College, and a B..A. in Business Administration from Ft. Lewis College.

Personal Training Prices

Individual Training

Your body is unique, so get a training session that's unique. Whether it's losing weight, getting stronger, or reaching your next PR, Candace will tailor a plan, and keep you on task, to meet your goal!
$65/ session
  • Specialized Workouts Tailored Just For You
  •  One-on-One Gym Time That’s All About Your Goals

You + A Friend

Recruit a friend to keep you accountable, to save you money, and to bring out your best! Candace will tailor a workout plan that helps and your training partner achieve top fitness.
$40 / each per session
  • Coordinated Workouts to Meet Both of Your Goals
  •  A Training Buddy Keeps You Accountable

You + 2 Friends

Active lifestyles and active people inspire others! Bring 2 friends to keep you accountable, and save even more money while you focus on your health and fitness goals.
$30/ each per session
  • Yes, you’ll STILL get individual attention during training sessions that consider each person’s goals and fitness levels
  •  The more, the merrier…and the harder you’ll work as you motivate each other to get faster, stronger, better

Small Group (4 or More)

Share your fitness journey with friends, family, or colleagues, and save money with our most affordable personal training option. Coordinated training plans help everyone meet their specific goals.
$25/ each per session
  •  Super affordable personal training that advances to meet your goals each session
  • Motivate your work-out buddies, and they’ll motivate you!