Performance Lab

Denver’s Best Sports Performance Lab

At The FAST Lab, we blend  our unique ideas of functional training and exercise with science. Through our assessments, testing procedures, and analyses, we use some of the most scientific and technologically advanced tools available for one important purpose….making you a Faster, Stronger, Better Athlete. We offer sports performance testing including EMG, run analysis, VO2Max, and numerous other physiology tests to improve speed and performance.

Performance Analysis

Functional Performance Assessment

We examine your body in motion to diagnose faulty movement patterns that may inhibit peak performance.

Video Run Analysis

Video Run/Movement Analysis

We offer a movement analysis for motions such as sprinting, throwing, pitching, kicking, jumping, and lateral movement.

Performance Lab

Physiological Testing

We offer VO2 max and lactate threshold testing to better understand how the key systems in your body are functioning.

EMG BIke Analysis

EMG Bike Analysis

We use our exclusive computerized dynamic Electro-Myography (EMG) system to measure real-time muscle activity.

Nutrition Assessment

Nutrition & Health Coaching

We offer nutrition consultations, programs, and testing for your unique sports performance, fitness, or weight loss goals.