Performance Integration Training

What Is Performance Integration Therapy? (aka P.I.T.)


The way we exercise, the way we train, the movements involved with the sports we compete in……even our lifestyles contribute to movement inefficiencies, muscle imbalances and injuries.  This is why we consider our exclusive Performance Integration Training or P.I.T.,  to be the most vital part of our Performance Integration Program.   The P.I.T. is the key to conquering these movement problems, muscle imbalances and injuries.  The P.I.T., was specifically designed to enhance our Physical Therapy, Dry Needling, Sports Massage, Muscle Imbalance Correction and Myofascial Decompression techniques by providing specialized progressions of stretches, muscle imbalance correction exercises, movement training and unique muscle recruitment retraining exercises.  In the P.I.T., you’ll receive our unique static and dynamic stretches that are not only designed to stretch specific muscles, but also address fascial restrictions that “every” athlete has and that impact flexibility and movement from head to toe.

The P.I.T. progression then addresses muscle imbalances with exercises that we have designed to balance muscle groups in every direction.  These muscle imbalance correction exercises are combined with movement retraining techniques to enable each athlete to accomplish “fluid and balanced” motion instead of “forced and imbalanced” motions which improves performance, reduces muscle fatigue and drastically reduces that risk of over-use injuries.

The next P.I.T. progression is establishing the correct muscle recruitment patterns.  This is what makes The FAST Lab very unique.  We have determined that the most effective and efficient athletic movement and performance comes from muscles firing in the correct sequence.  We have designed exercises that retrain the correct muscle firing order and eliminate incorrect muscle activity.  This may be the most important training component for any athlete in any sport.  This is why we consider the P.I.T., to be the most important part of our Performance Integration Program.

The P.I.T., will get you back in action….and keep you in the game.