Performance Assessment

The FAST Lab Sports Performance Assessment


If you wonder what barriers keep you from achieving your ultimate performance, The FAST Lab’s Performance Assessments are for you.  We examine your body in motion to diagnose faulty movement patterns that may inhibit peak performance. Over time, faulty movement patterns result in:

  • Biomechanical issues
  • Imbalances due to muscle over-activation and muscle inhibition
  • Increased muscle and joint-related stress
  • Increased risk for injuries
  • Limited performance

We then use the data collected during the assessment to create a customized program to maximize your athletic potential.

Sports Performance Assessment:  Our Sports Performance Assessment is truly a comprehensive evaluation of the entire body.  Through assessing structural positioning, muscle and fascial mobility / flexibility, joint stability and muscle activation patterning, we can accurately identify structural asymmetries,  muscle imbalances and compensatory movement patterns.  This assessment is  followed by an detailed individualized plan to address the findings and help you achieve maximum performance.

Cost: $150


EMG Performance Assessment: Using our exclusive Electro-Myography (EMG) system to measure real time muscle activity and recruitment while the athlete performs a series of movements, we can accurately identify muscle recruitment patterns and muscle imbalances / weaknesses that can result in compensatory movement, muscle fatigue and limited performance, as well as potential overuse injuries. After the EMG evaluation, we design an individualized program to correct imbalances and maximize training benefits to help you achieve peak performance.

Cost: $249