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Featured Athlete, Mike Traub - Ultra Marathon Runner

Ultra-marathoner, Mike Traub, ascends a mountain in Bhutan.


Congratulations to Mike Traub, Athlete of Month! 

Race Info:

  • Race Organization: Global Limits
  • Location: Bhutan
  • Race Event: Bhutan – The Last Secret.
  • Details: 6 days, 200km (approximately 120 miles) with 25,000+ vertical ascent overall

Mike completed the multi-stage race in Bhutan from May 28 through June 2.  The race involved running and/or hiking across the various mountains and terrain of the Bhutanese countryside, encountering mostly dogs, cows, insects, and fascinated locals along the way.  Mike completed the race in 2nd overall position against competitors from around the world, in spite of “many nasty falls in the mud on my rear end.”

Mike’s Shout-Out to The FAST Lab: As I’ve gotten older and my preference in races has become longer and longer, the wear and tear on my body has taken its toll in the form of occasional acute injuries and a great deal of smaller aches, pains, and injuries that require various degrees of attention and maintenance.  The staff at “The Fast Lab” has been fantastic at helping me to recover from injuries like stress fractures that have prevented me from running for long periods of time, but maybe more importantly helping keep me functioning week to week when I am able to train.  I am particularly grateful to Lee, Senia, and Megan for the Performance Integration Therapy!


Charles H. - Distance Runner


This season, I was able to obtain a new personal best at 10,000 meters by 42 seconds! I was also able to compete and run with some of the best distance runners in the world at the National Half Marathon championships. Looking ahead, I am 100% healthy and now am more educated about preventive measures.



Todd B. - Mountain Bike Racer

Coach Kathy helped me have my best two days in the saddle EVER (Leadville 100). She helped me drop an hour from my time — 9:04 to 8:06. New rims would have saved minutes, but an hour?! I appreciate all of the work, time, energy and care from your team. There is NO WAY that I would have had this amazing season if it were not for The FAST Lab.



Kathy A. - Ironman Triathlete

After working with Lee Carman and The FAST Lab team, I was able to train 30% less for my Ironman race because my body became more efficient! Lee taught me how to fire my glute muscles first, and use back muscles last. My chronic calf pain subsided and my body felt like a well-oiled machine. I crossed the Ironman Maryland finish line in record time of 10:53. Thank you to Lee and team. I could not have had the race I had without you!



Parent of Lindsey Y., 12-Year-Old Soccer Player

Our daughter learned so much in the Speed Strength class. After just 6 weeks at The FAST Lab, her soccer coach asked what she had been doing to improve her speed and agility. We told him she went to The FAST Lab, and then he asked the whole team to sign up for team speed & agility training there!



Trent A. - Triathlete

Arguably the best triathlete-specific running clinic in the South Denver Metro Area! Coach Becky is very knowledgeable in the human physiology of running efficiently. I would recommend this as a must for any triathlete wanting to improve your split times.