Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple


  1.  All of us have issues!
  2. Every athlete has all of the necessary physical components to become faster, stronger, better. Unfortunately, we are limited by our issues.
  3. Once our issues are identified and conquered, there are no obstacles toward becoming a faster, stronger, and better athlete.


Even the best athletes have issues such as faulty movement patterns either by direct causes such as injury, or by indirect causes such as muscle imbalances, structural issues, fatigue, or improper training techniques. Most athletes with dysfunctional movement patterns are completely unaware they are no longer using their muscles properly. They may, however, notice that they are experiencing pain, increased injuries, prolonged muscle soreness, muscle fatigue and ultimately, performance limitations.

Many traditional physical assessments and training programs fail to identify the underlying factors which can limit athletic performance. Even the latest training concepts sometimes fail to address structural asymmetries, muscle imbalances and dynamic movement dysfunctions, which is why we created The FAST Lab.

As athletes ourselves, we knew there was a better way to address our limitations; the key was to accurately identify not only the limitations, but more importantly the underlying causes of the problems or limitations. The cause is what needs correcting.


At The FAST Lab, this is what we do better than anyone–identify the underlying cause, design a plan, and conquer the problem. 


Everything we do is based upon this philosophy.  From our Youth Speed and Agility Division to our Endurance Athlete Division, and from our Performance Integration Programs to our Physical Therapy and Sports Massage, everything we do is based upon the fundamental concept of doing what we do best: Identify, Design, and Conquer to make you a Faster, Stronger, Better Athlete!