Nutrition & Health Coaching

Custom Nutrition Plans for Athletes

Nutrition is Key to Your Success

Regardless of where you’re starting or what your goals are, nutrition is an important part of your success. The FAST Lab offers nutrition consultations, programs, and testing to help you achieve your sports performance, fitness, or weight loss goals.

Our nutrition programs are designed and delivered by Dr. Gaby Moreno, a functional medicine practitioner and dedicated athlete; and Kathy Zawadzki, a Sports Nutritionist and co-author of Eat Right to Train Right.

We recommend everyone start with a comprehensive assessment, which helps us evaluate your expectations, goals, and self-identified limiting factors. Once we know where you are, we’ll guide you to where you want to go. To get started with your consultation, or to build a custom nutrition package, connect with us today.

Start Here:
Functional Nutrition and Health Coaching Assessment

In our Functional Nutrition and Health Coaching (FNHC) program, we go beyond just getting a snapshot of your current diet; we evaluate your current nutrition habits and meet you where you are now. That helps us create a plan that works for you as a bio-individual. Our goal is to enhance your nutrition program and overall health. We’ll create a program that will be applicable, realistic, and sustainable.

After completing the initial assessment, we invite our clients to explore the three nutrition and health program options detailed below.

The cost for the initial FNHC is $315

The FNHC Program encompasses:
  • An initial consultation where we assess your goals and needs
  • Taking a deep dive into your bio-individual requirements for nutrition and health
  • An analysis of relevant health records (when applicable)
  • Development of your individual action plan and detailed program on nutrition, supplementation, and habits that will support your health, training, and performance goals
  • Providing helpful relevant articles, handouts, and educational resources

Option 1: Sports-Specific Nutrition Coaching

Each sport has a different energetic demand and each person has specific nutritional needs. With this program, we will get your nutrition right so that it enhances your performance and nourishes your body correctly.

We teach you how to eat when training, and how to replenish and recover so you can thrive in your sport. Your plan will be created according to your training and competition schedule. Food timing, along with guidelines for the different macros, and recommendations for supplements you can use to support your body will also be covered. This plan is recommended for 8 to 12 weeks so that you see the changes and learn how to match your nutrition with the different stages of your training throughout your season.

$215 per month (2 sessions with your coach included each month) to monitor and adjust your nutrition plan based on your body’s needs. 

Option 2: Health Restoration Program

The health restoration program puts an emphasis on restoring the function of bodily systems and is individually designed for both athletes and non-athletes. Focuses on: therapeutic foods; better digestion, absorption, and metabolism; improved elimination and detoxification; and systems support for restoring optimal health.

You will receive an in-depth, customized program covering the areas that will bring resolution to your problems and will give you the tools and knowledge to take control of your health and well-being.

This is the program for you if you want to:

  • Have a healthier gut function
  • Balance hormones no matter your age
  • Recover your vitality and energy
  • Optimize your health and labs
  • Gain control of your health
  • Discover the root cause of your disease and take control of it

$215 per month (2 sessions with your coach included each month).

Option 3: Follow-Up Consultations

For our clients who have completed the initial FHNC assessment, but do not want to commit to one of our comprehensive Nutrition Coaching programs (above), we offer the opportunity for follow-up consultations with your Health Coach. After you start your individual program, these check-ins are designed to provide ongoing support and guidance, to help you stay on track with your goals, and to identify and assist with any challenges. Consultations include:

  • Compliance and improvement assessment
  • Regular troubleshooting:  ingredients, energy level, performance, sleep, and digestion
  • Adjusted plan to improve performance and maintain health
  • Introduction to ideal supplements, habits, or tools to help you even more

$95 per follow-up session

Or Build from our Signature Plans

If you want to give your body a chance to re-energize, reset from overindulging, or just want a plan that helps you make smarter meal choices, we can help. With these shorter-term plans, we’ll give you the tools and knowledge to take control of your health and well-being. Contact us for help with choosing the right plan for you. Signature Plans do not require the initial FNHC assessment.

Questions or need help choosing a path? Contact us, we’re here to help you reach your goals!