Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching and Programs

Regardless of where you are starting or what your goals are, nutrition is an important part of your success. The Fast Lab offers nutrition consultations, programs, and testing to help you achieve your unique sports performance, fitness, or weight loss goals.  Our nutrition programs are designed and delivered by Dr. Gaby Moreno, a functional medicine practitioner and dedicated athlete; as well as Kathy Zawadzki, Sports Nutritionist and co-author of Eat Right to Train Right.  

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In our Nutrition Coaching program we go beyond just getting a snapshot of your current diet; we work together to evaluate your current nutrition habits as we create a plan that works for you as a bio-individual with the goal to enhance your nutrition program and overall health. Within our Coaching program you can achieve your nutritional, body composition and performance goals AND make sure they are sustainable. This is a process that will take time AND a personal commitment – initially our program is 12 weeks long and can take up to 6 months for a complete overhaul. Our Coaching Program includes:

  • Initial consultation and assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Initial plan to create health (weight loss, blood lipid balance, liver function optimization, detox, metabolic flexibility, etc.)
  • Frequent check ins to help you stay on track and help with any issues
  • Periodic assessment of your achievements, troubleshooting, and revision of the plan.
  • Secondary nutrition plans for maintenance according to your needs and lifestyle.
  • Information and resources to reinforce your knowledge about food and nutrition.

Cost – $165 per month (3 month minimum)   


(same as coaching – but more emphasis on SPORT) Each sport has a different energetic demand and each person has specific nutritional needs. With this program we will get your nutrition right so that it enhances your performance and nourishes your body correctly.  We teach you how to eat when training, to replenish and recover and thrive in your sport. Your plan will be created according to your training and competition schedule.  food timing, the different macros and the supplements you can use to support your body will also be covered. This plan is recommended for at least 8 to 12 weeks so that you see the changes and learn how to match your nutrition with the different stages of your training throughout your season.

Cost – $215/ month (recommended for 2 to 3 months)  


Initial Consultation

  • Body Composition assessment
  • Comprehensive history to assess nutritional challenges, schedules and deficiencies Blood work analysis from the Functional Medicine and Nutrition approach (if applicable)
  • Physical exam to Asses nutritional deficiencies
  • Action items or first steps to get you started in the right direction.

Cost – $120 


Follow up Nutrition Consults to determine if you are on the right track:

  • Compliance and improvements assessment
  • Regular troubleshooting: compliance, ingredients, energy level, performance, sleep, and digestion
  • Secondary plan/ plans to improve performance overall and maintain health
  • Introduction to ideal supplements
  • Healing the relation to food, food is healing energy; it can make us thrive or it can make us sick
  • Educate about food groups, nutritional theories, macros and micros, food quality, shopping advice

Cost: $60 per appointment


A 21-day nutritional guide to detoxify your body and create metabolic flexibility, alkalinity, reduce inflammation and lose weight while you learn to eat clean and more balanced. Includes a 21-day meal plan, grocery list, supplement recommendation, continuous motivation and accountability, rapid consults, troubleshooting, initial and follow up body composition assessments and consultation, general recommendations post detox.

Costs: $250  


Health restoration program with an emphasis in GI tract restoration for athletes and non athletes. Focuses on better digestion, absorption, metabolism and elimination of the required nutrients to heal. *discounted supplements

  • Initial consultation and assessment
  • Plan to recreate health 
  • Frequent check ins to help you stay on track and help with any issues
  • Periodic assessment of your achievements, troubleshooting and revision of the plan.
  • Secondary nutrition plans for maintenance according to your needs and lifestyle.
  • Information and resources to reinforce your knowledge about food and nutrition.

Costs: $200 per month for 6 month program  

(a.k.a. “Body Fat” Test) A complement to the Sports Nutrition Assessment. Body Composition Analysis is another great way to assess your health and determine the ideal training program for you. 
  • Determine fat vs lean mass
  • Comparison to normative ranges for individuals of your age, height, sport, gender, and health
Cost: $40



Your resting metabolism is responsible for over 70% of your daily caloric burn and is largely responsible for daily health and weight management. Resting metabolism refers to the energy expended to maintain life during sleep and resting. As the majority of our day is spent in a resting state, resting metabolism can have a significant impact on weight management, daily health, and sport performance.

  • Includes initial RMR and a follow up test within 3 months 
  • 3 month nutrition strategy
  • Daily caloric burn at rest
  • Proportion of caloric burn rate coming from fat and carbohydrate burned
  • Learn how your daily habits to enhance your resting metabolism
  • Nutrition & exercise strategy to correct or enhance metabolic function

Cost: $300


VO2 stands for oxygen consumption and is a picture of your metabolism. As we know, the body needs oxygen to create energy for training and racing. Therefore, the better your body is at delivering oxygen and using it, the more fit you are and the more power and speed you are able to generate and sustain. Your VO2 max is an indicator of your fitness and economy refers to how efficiently you use energy at your race pace. What you’ll learn from a VO2 test:

  • Your VO2 Max score (how fit you are)
  • Your maximal or near maximal heart rate
  • Training zones customized to your unique physiology (HR, Power, Pace)
  • How much fat and carb you burn at different intensities
  • How many calories you burn per minute/hour at different intensities
  • Insight into physiological limitations
  • Key action strategies to help you meet your goals

Costs: $300