Muscle Imbalance Correction

Muscle Imbalance Correction 


In every sport, being “out of balance” never has a good outcome.  As an athlete, you can create muscle imbalances even with the best exercises and the best training plans.  Lifestyle and performing everyday activities can also result in muscle imbalances, which will always have negative results including:

  • Pain
  • Joint / Muscle inflammation
  • Poor movement patterning
  • Decreased strength
  • Decreased flexibility
  • Biomechanical breakdowns
  • Performance limitations
  • Injuries

Our Performance Integration Therapists are the best in their field when it comes to correctly identifying and ultimately correcting muscle imbalances.  Our 30+ years of combined experience has taught us that with athletes,  you cannot trust what you see.  An athlete with good form and even good results, may be training and competing with underlying muscle imbalances that will eventually create compensatory movement patterns… and then the breakdowns begin.

We have designed an exclusive Functional Performance Assessment to identify each athlete’s unique muscle imbalance patterns, and we use our highly specialized Performance Integration Training to eliminate these imbalances.  Don’t wait until the problems start.  Let us find your hidden muscle imbalances and help you achieve your best performance, instead of spending time being frustrated with your results or rehabbing an injury.

*This service is typically included in Performance Integration Training and Physical Therapy sessions.