Individual & Small Group Training

Individual & Small Group Training


The FAST Lab coaches can tailor a sport-specific training plan for your individual child, or for a small group of children from your child’s team. Our philosophy is that you can’t run faster if you don’t know how to run, and you can’t move faster if you don’t know how to move. Therefore, training programs will focus not on running through drills faster, but on HOW TO complete sport-specific drills and exercises using the right muscles at the right time with the right form.

Athletes we’ve coached have played football, volleyball, lacrosse, baseball, tennis, basketball, gymnastics, cross country, track and field, cycling, triathlon, rowing, and skiing! Please call for pricing and date/time options. Contact us at 303-771-3329.


Youth Speed & Agility Training

Speed & Agility at The FAST Lab






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