Strength Training Plus Nutrition: 12 Weeks to a Fitter, Faster You

FAST, FIT & FEMALE (FFF) is The Fast Lab’s combined strength training and nutrition program designed specifically for women. Built around your monthly cycle, this 12-week online app-based program is designed to address the unique needs of female athletes to maximize their strength, power, and sports performance.

Highlights of the FFF program include:

  • Access to scientifically backed workouts built around your monthly cycle
  • Training and nutrition programs tailored to your changing hormone levels, whether you have regular cycles or are experiencing perimenopause or menopause. The program is easy to use for women of any age!
  • The ability to adjust the program as your physiology changes throughout perimenopause and menopause.
  • A comprehensive nutrition guide to fuel and support you throughout your cycle or peri/post-menopausal phase.

You may start the program at any time. It is completely online, but we will be here for support and motivation. The introductory price for this unique 12-week program is only $149. The program includes access to the workouts and the nutrition plan, plus contact with your trainer through the app.

Add a Coach!

Upgrade your Fast, Fit & Female program by adding a coach
for more accountability and support.

Upgrade your FFF program by adding Dr. Gaby or Coach Kathy as your own personal health coach. We will customize the workouts and personalize the nutrition program for an additional $199. This upgraded plan includes customization, a monthly phone consultation, and close monitoring of your progress so we can adjust as needed.

And, for even more insight into your personal health,  add one more layer of customization with hormone and/or metabolic testing. We offer both! Please contact us for more information.