Empowered Health

Be Empowered – A Health and Nutrition Coaching Program

Our lives have been turned upside down. Suddenly our homes have become offices, schools, restaurants, gyms, playgrounds.

The reality is that the stress of the ongoing changes and this “new way of life” have resulted in a haphazard way to take care of our bodies physically and emotionally.

We want you to feel empowered to take control of your health and well-being, so we have created this plan for you.
There is no better time than now! EMPOWERED HEALTH is a 3-week health coaching program that will give you the tools to grab life by the handlebars and ride it like a pro.

The EMPOWERED HEALTH plan includes:
  • A nutrition plan focused on foods that support the immune system, detoxification pathways, and internal antioxidant production. Displayed in 3 weeks’ worth of recipes and other ideas to use the foods that will serve your body best.
  • A daily routine to get you in the best head space to be productive and stay positive.
  • Daily exercise and mind/body ideas to help schedule the time to do things that will bring balance to your life and reduce stress.
  • A weekly plan on how to balance your exercise routine to fit your schedule and see real gains.
  • Supporting resources that will help you during and after the plan.
  • Access to a private page with weekly plans and resources.

When you join the EMPOWERED HEALTH program
you’ll have access to an exclusive page filled with resources and downloads.

PDFs for you to download that detail the weekly plans.

Access to resources and guides to support your wellness.

Access to resources and guides to support your wellness.

Access to resources and guides to support your wellness.

Activity recommendations and tips,
such as gratitude journaling.