EMG Bike Analysis

EMG Bike Analysis


  • Are your pedaling mechanics and bike positioning adding to your performance, or have they become “energy leaks” robbing you of better performance and speed?  
  • Is your bike fit spot-on, or is it causing your muscles to fire incorrectly and inefficiently?

No one can answer these questions better than The FAST Lab.

Whether a recreational or competitive cyclist / triathlete, we understand that every athlete is a complex structural and movement puzzle.  We also know that athletes can “hide” their compensations and inefficiencies…..even though they look good.    But, you can’t hide from The FAST Lab EMG Bike Analysis.

We use our exclusive computerized dynamic Electro-Myography (EMG) system to measure real-time muscle activity and recruitment while the athlete cycles in our CompuTrainer studio.  This enables us to accurately identify muscle recruitment patterns and muscle imbalances / weaknesses that can result in pedaling inefficiency, muscle fatigue and limited performance, as well as potential overuse injuries.

After the EMG Bike Analysis, we design an individualized program to correct these imbalances, maximize training and make your bike positioning and pedaling mechanics strong and efficient.  The EMG Bike Analysis can only be found at The FAST Lab and is guaranteed to make you a better cyclist.

COST: $249.00


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