Dry Needling

What Is Dry Needling?


Integrated Neuromuscular Acureflex (INMAR) is an evidence-based integrative functional dry needling technique designed to specifically address the true cause of the problem. When an athlete experiences injury, muscle imbalance, and improper muscle recruitment, this can result in pain, dysfunctional movement patterns, fascial restrictions and  biomechanical breakdowns.  These can be devastating to the athlete’s performance and health. This FAST Lab exclusive is the ultimate first step toward:

  • Releasing Muscle Over-activation
  • Eliminating Trigger Points
  • Releasing fascial restrictions
  • Improving Motion/Function
  • Eliminating Pain
  • Promoting Healing

INMAR accelerates your return to training and competition!


Cost: $85 per session.

*Must have Initial Evaluation ($150) before receiving Dry Needling. We need to know where to put the needles!

*Colorado requires extensive training to perform dry needling techniques.  INMAR sessions utilize acupuncture needles, but functional dry needling is NOT acupuncture.  INMAR techniques are not based on Eastern medicine philosophies, but on Western medicine treatments and the extensive understanding of anatomy, physiology, movement and injuries.