DNA Nutrition & Fitness Testing


Your DNA is the key to unlocking better health, improved fitness, and enhanced sports performance. Using the results of a simple, saliva swab DNA test, we will analyze the link between your genetic make-up and its effects on your health, fitness, and nutrition needs. As DNA Fit Approved Resellers, The FAST Lab’s  professionals are trained to guide you in achieving all your goals, informed by your own DNA profile.


We are excited about this new program as it allows our athletes to achieve their goals faster and more confidently. We help  create more sustainable ways to change your eating, training and, stress management habits and provide an effective solution to obtain optimal health and wellness.


Discover a DNA-Powered Plan

How do your genes fit?  If you’re tired of wasting time and money slogging it at the gym and following restrictive diets that just don’t work, our DNA-based program is for you. Our program is for everyone, no matter how old (as long as you’re over 18). Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an elite athlete, we’re confident the results we share with you will be life-changing.

DNA Pro Fit allows our athletes to achieve their goals faster and more confidently. We help create more sustainable ways to change their eating, training, and stress management habits and provide them an effective solution.

As trained DNA Fit Professional Resellers, we can offer the most comprehensive reports and more importantly, guide you through your reports to create a uniquely-customized eating and training plan.

Here’s what you get with our Pro Fit program

Diet and Nutrition Report

Learn your ideal Diet Type, Food Intolerances and Macronutrient Response

Fitness Report

Identify your responses to Power vs Endurance, Injury Risk & Recovery Time

Wellness Report

See your Stress Tolerance, Sleep Quality & Caffeine Response

Obesity Report

Check your genetic predisposition to Weight Gain & Obesity

The Science

The human genome holds a treasure trove of information about human development, physiology and evolution. Scientific research around the field of genetics has expanded over the years and, through it, we have gained invaluable insight into how the human body and our own unique genetic makeup works.

We’re aware the field of genetics is in its infancy.  We selected the DNA Fit lab because it uses cutting-edge molecular technologies in conjunction with a dedicated team of experts in genomics, nutrigenetics, sports science, and nutrition that continuously conducts research into the genes included in the test.

We are confident you will receive accurate, reliable, high-quality test results that are performed according to the highest of international standards.

DNA Fit never includes a gene in a report unless it has at least three peer-reviewed studies that show the link between the gene and its effect on health, fitness, or nutrition.  We’re confident the results we share with you will change your life for the better.

    We Provide Everything You Need to Succeed

    Why follow a plan that isn’t made for YOU? DNA testing, along with our professional team, will offer a genetically guided approach to help you gain better results from your training and nutrition plans.  We have received in-depth training to help you understand your reports and guide you towards achieving your goals, all informed by your DNA profile.  You will not receive a more personalized plan anywhere else.

    Optimize Your Nutrition Plan

    You’ll receive a nutrition report which details your genetic response to carbohydrates, fats, and foods such as coffee, alcohol, dairy, and gluten. With that information, our team will help you understand your unique needs and develop a sustainable diet plan to promote optimal health and performance. 


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    Beyond Your Custom Fitness Report

    Discover how your DNA can help optimize your workouts.  Gain an understanding of what type of exercise regimen your body responds to best. Based on your results, our team will help you structure a training plan based on your unique DNA profile.

    4 Simple Steps to Start Your Journey

    Step 1

    Order your DNA Pro Fit kit from The FAST Lab.

    Step 2

    Ready, set, swab

    Step 3

    Return your kit to the professionals at The FAST Lab or send it directly to the lab.

    Step 4

    Once your reports are ready, you will be notified to schedule your consultation to review your reports.

    Valuing your privacy

    We selected the DNA Fit lab because it maintains the highest possible standards of security and adheres to strict controls regarding data protection and security. It adheres to the UK Data Protection Act, is GDPR compliant, and is proud to be the first consumer genetics company to be awarded ISO27001 certification – the highest international standard for data security and management.

    We only test for the genes we need and your sample is destroyed once the lab has completed the analysis. Your results are stored under an anonymised ID to create your reports. You retain full control over how you use your genetic information and who you share it with.