Classes at The Fast Lab


What Makes Our Classes Different

Functional training is our focus at The Fast Lab for both adult and youth athletes. Functional training varies from other types of training (e.g., strength and conditioning) in that the focus is on improving your ability to perform in your sport while decreasing your risk of injury. It does this by improving muscle and movement imbalances, stability, functional strength, and general athleticism.

CompuTrainer StudioThe FAST Lab offers a variety of functional training and movement classes along with a variety of sports specific sessions. Some classes have a sport-specific focus (TRI Hard or Run Fast). Whereas O.M.G. focuses on the core and glutes for optimal performance (O.M.G.). While our Adult Speed & Agility class focuses on general athleticism.



Youth athletes in the speed & agility class

For our youth athletes, we offer two classes that are designed specifically to help kids as they are growing and maturing. Classes will help your athlete reach their optimal levels of coordination, agility, stability, speed, and strength. The first is our Speed & Agility class which is perfect for our team sport athletes.  “Speed Strength” classes help young athletes achieve better body awareness, body control and running form.  Classes focus on strengthening the key muscles needed for proper running mechanics and speed through a series dynamic, functional movements; drills, and exercises.