About Us

About The Fast Lab

You’re Committed to Your Sport. We’re Committed to You.


Our name says it all…The FAST Lab. We help you get FAST! How we do that is through our team’s combined 75 years of experience that have delivered proven results for the athletes we have trained, and for the athletes we have helped overcome pain and performance-limiting factors.

We specialize in training Endurance Sports Athletes (triathletes, cyclists, runners); and Youth who play everything from soccer to football to lacrosse to volleyball to baseball to track and field.

Our Services Include:

  • A Sports Performance Lab: Run Analysis, EMG BIke Analysis, FTP, Lactate Threshold, Spin Scan, etc.
  • Endurance Sports Coaching & Training
  • Endurance Sports Classes & Clinics
  • CompuTrainer Indoor Cycling Studio
  • Youth Speed & Agility Programs
  • Sports Injury Management & Performance Integration Therapy
  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Nutrition Consultation
  • Personal Training

Our knowledge of sports doesn’t come from a textbook.  Everyone on our team of specialists has participated in a variety of athletic events, from entry level to elite competitions.  At The FAST Lab, we understand what it takes to maximize your untapped athletic potential!

How we can help you? Call us! We’re always happy to chat! 303-771-3329