Introducing our new group training team – “Team Reboot”


The mission of Team Reboot is to help endurance athletes overcome the injuries and physical limitations that frequently plague their training and racing. And to help them achieve success in training and on race day. The aim of this comprehensive program is to correct and rebuild functional and sport specific movement patterns in order to help rehabilitation and prevent sports related injuries. We do this through the use of our Performance Integrated Training (PIT) method, which is a rigorous and holistic program that focuses on educating each athlete on corrective muscle and skeletal imbalances, rewiring the brain for correct motor patterns, building strength and stability, and relearning sport specific skills.

General Description (What you can expect)

This team training program is not comprised typical cardio workouts. Instead, in each class you will learn about how to use and develop your body as an athlete using education and training techniques. We start with the foundation of our PIT method, Optimizing Balance. In this phase you will focus on learning what your body needs in order to develop proper mobility, muscle balance, and stability. In phase two you will then integrate functional strength training and some sport specific skill development.

You will train 2/week in person for the duration of this 5-month program with one of our Performance Team members. You will be under the guidance of head coach Becky Black and Lee Carman supervising as Physical Therapist. The program is uniquely designed and programmed to help you reach “performance ready” by March*.

*Note – there is a difference between an athlete who needs a physical “reboot” and who, even with extreme care, it would be too risky for them to participate in this program. This program is not suitable for individuals whose long-term health would be compromised by participating in endurance sports due to health limitations such as herniated discs, torn muscles/tendons/ligaments, some diseases (e.g. heart disease), etc. All athletes must be cleared by their doctor and Lee Carman in order to participate.

Why we use the PIT Method:

Performance Integrated Training or PIT method was developed to aid athletes returning to sport from injury and/or athletes who want to optimize their movement and sport specific skills. The method follows guidelines of scientific theory along with the innovation and experience of our Performance Team. The method uses 3 phases of athletic development that, when done in order, help athletes develop the physical strength and condition to perform their sport specific skills to a more optimized level. Thus working to prevent injury and enhance performance. The method includes the use of myofascial release, mobility training, muscle activation, brain rewiring for correct motor pattern development, stability and functional strength training, sport specific skill instruction, and coaching.

The 3 phases of the PIT model are as follows. Phase #1 is Optimizing Balance -Correct & optimize functional movement patterns & mobility. Phase #2 is Development of Sport Specific Skills. Phase #3 is Enhancing Performance. Team Reboot will primarily focus on phase #1 and a little of phase #2.

PIT method explanation

Program Details

The inspiration for Team Reboot

Team Reboot was inspired by you, our clients. We’ve watched many of you come through the proverbial revolving doors at The Fast Lab over the years and we’ve designed this program with you in mind. We know you want to be healthy, strong, and to reach your highest limits. But we also know that sometimes as you strive towards your goals you’re encumbered with setbacks. Many of these setbacks, unfortunately are caused by the physical “limiters” you’ve picked up a long the way. And we’ve been there to help you get back on track.

Maybe it was a muscle imbalance that created an injury, or a crash. Perhaps it’s the effects of aging, or too many hours sitting at a desk. Maybe it’s poor mobility or a lack of proper technique. Whatever the physical limitation, we’ve done our best to help. You’ve come to us for physical therapy, massage, corrective exercise, or strength training. Some of you have done it all.

For those of you in our proverbial revolving door, Team Reboot was designed for you.



Program Details - Dates & Commitment


Team Reboot will run October 1st through February 28th with a 5 month commitment.

In order to fulfill our promise to you of making this season a success, we need a full 5 months to do it right. Quick fixes have no place in this program and therefore you will need to be committed to us and to your program in order to achieve success. You may cancel within 30 days with a prorated refund if you decide that this program is not for you. Second priority spots on the team will go to athletes that can only make partial commitments (with a 3 month minimum).


Weekly Classes & Clinics

Classes will run for 60 mins each and will be held twice a week from October till end of February. Classes will be taught by one of our Team Reboot Coaches. We will offer a early morning or afternoon class option. Our early morning session will meet Tuesday and Thursdays at 6 am and a mid-day option that meets Tuesday and Friday at 12pm. We need a minimum of 6 athletes committed to start the session.. You may only commit to one session time. Make up sessions need to be approved by Coach Becky.

Monthly Clinics have been added to your schedule to enhance your learning throughout the season. Topics and presenters have been specifically chosen and timed to fit our program design. You are strongly encouraged to attend all of these clinics where possible. And, where available, if you bring a new friend (someone who’s new to The Fast Lab) to the clinic, we’ll give you a $10 credit to use on service of your choice.


Program Design

The program is designed using our Performance Integrated Training (PIT) method. As soon as you are registered, you will schedule your one-on-one evaluation with Lee Carman, PT and Head Coach Becky Black to determine where your unique physical limitations lie. This first step is important as it not only will help guide our weekly classes, but will help us track progress. If you’ve been to see Lee Carman recently this step may be waived.

In October, we begin with phase #1 or Optimizing Balance. We’ll do this in our weekly classes & monthly clinics by focusing on teaching you how to properly stretch & foam roll your overactive muscles. You’ll also learn how to correctly engage the underactive muscles and work on your functional strength & stability. Thus restoring balance. This phase is the slowest, but most important.

As we progress through November and December we will slowly integrate phase #2 or Developing Sport Specific skills while continuing to build strength. Through most of January, February, and March we will continue in phase #2 (while frequently revisiting phase #1). In March athletes will be able to start to slowly build training volume in preparation for race season. 

It’s important to note here as well, that as a requirement to be on this team you must agree to our terms & conditions for your racing and training schedule. Basically, we want to limit your ability to undermine your progress by trying to do too much too soon. Examples of these terms and conditions include include, you agree to not compete in any race longer than an Olympic tri, 10k, or a 50 mile bike ride before May. It also includes more general terms that will be specified on an athlete by athlete basis later on, such as; no high volume training before March and a limit on some sports specific training.






We realize that you will probably want to workout more than the twice or three times a week we meet together. And since we want this to be a comprehensive program for you (and we’re not going to lie, we don’t trust you to make good decisions ?) we’ve included an online coaching program into the team membership program. IF you already have a coach and you want to keep working with your coach, we will gladly drop the coaching fee from your membership and work with your coach to help keep you on track. But you must have a coaching program, this is non-negotiable.

There are two coaching options that come in our two membership options that both include a Premium Training Peaks account. There’s the bronze level coaching in our Standard Membership option. Or there’s the silver level coaching in our premium membership option. You’ll read more on the memberships below.

Bronze level gives you a mostly customized program. We say mostly because obviously some of your workouts will be the same as your teammates. However, Coach Becky will develop your plan based on your goals, schedule, and what we determine is best from your initial evaluation. For some athletes, running may not be a great idea initially as it exacerbates their injury, for others they need more time stretching or strengthening. While (where applicable), it is not a one size fits the whole team plan. This level does not come with any additional one-on-one time with Coach Becky.

Silver contains the same plan design as described in Bronze. But with silver, you get a once a twice monthly, one-on-one consult with Becky to review your progress as well as weekly feedback on your workouts.


Discounts & Perks

                Both memberships get 15% off of all services* and 10% off all products. However, those who signed up under the Premium Membership get 40% off of testing instead of just 15%. This is because this membership is intended for athletes who want to go more in depth with their training and racing. There is some limitation to the number of tests you can purchase a month at 40% off.

Additionally, if you sign up for the Premium Membership you get a 60 min massage each month to help you release all of your tight muscles and recover. For both memberships, we’ll occasionally offer you added bonuses like gift cards or bonus discounts in return for helping promote our services at The Fast Lab to your family, friends, and local community.

*This excludes physical therapy services when you use insurance (insurance companies won’t allow it).


Membership & Pricing

There are two membership options available in order to accommodate everyone. The Standard Membership includes weekly classes, monthly clinics, online coaching program, your premium Training Peaks account, and a 15% discount on all other services & 10% on products. The Premium membership upgrades your coaching experience, includes a free 60 min massage each month, and offers a bigger, 40% discount on testing.

  Classes Clinics Online Coaching Premium TP account 60 min monthly massage Discount Services Discount Products
Standard Yes Yes Bronze Level Yes No 15% 10%
Premium Yes Yes Silver Level Yes Yes 40% testing, 15% all else 10%


There are two ways to pay, monthly or you can save money when you pay 3 months at a time.

While we want a 9-month commitment, due to logistics we will only offer a 3 month or a month-to-month payment option. For both membership options there is a $150 fee the first month for the initial evaluation with Lee & Becky (if it isn’t waived).

Standard Membership:

  • 3 month – $795 (save $30)
  • Month-to-month – $275

Premium Membership:

  • 3 month – $1280 (save $70)
  • Month-to-month – $450


Questions & Registration

Now most importantly, how do you register and what do you do if I have questions?

As Head Coach, Becky will be your go-to for questions and concerns. You can e-mail her at or call her at 303-771-3329.

To register, please fill out the information packet found at the link below and Coach Becky will get back with you shortly to help you finish registration and take payment.

Registration Link: