CompuTrainer Studio

What’s a “CompuTrainer?”


The FAST Lab uses the Racermate Multi-rider System to create a state-of-the-art training experience.   Our indoor group cycling facility allows you to bring your own bike, and ride on a virtual course. Your bike is connected to a CompuTrainer – a special stationary trainer connected to a central computer. The computer simulates a course by changing the grade and resistance while you watch a virtual representation of the course on a big screen. You can also see your speed, distance, wattage, and heart rate.  Benefits include:

  • Too hot? Cold? Rainy? Snowy? Beat the inclement weather by riding indoors.
  • Collect data about your fitness in a controlled environment: distance, wattage, heart rate, speed
  • Receive guidance from an experienced coach
  • Convenient location in the DTC…no driving to a remote location to find a trail or course
  • Train with your team or with a group of friends. Our facility hosts up to 9 riders.
CompuTrainer Studio

The FAST Lab’s Indoor CompuTrainer Studio


The FAST Lab offers hundreds of courses in two fomats: Erg Video and Racermate Computrainer Multi-Rider System.   Unlike the road, you’ll have a more controlled environment giving you the opportunity for plenty of steady-state efforts which will improve your cycling. It’s a great way to motivate yourself, to train with others, and to have fun, too!  It enables you to increase your cycling power and speed by 5% – 20% or more, depending on the time and effort you invest. Whatever your starting point, you’re sure to improve with regular CompuTrainer sessions!



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